Google fonts X HMCT

Western India’s Beed district is the epicenter of two major industries, sugarcane and wombs. 1 out of 3 female sugarcane field workers get their wombs removed. 10x the national average. Due to rampant illiteracy and poverty, women till this day are duped into getting surgeries done without any awareness about the side effects. Violating article 3 of the UDHR.

The only script that Beedi women understand from the Google font library is Devanagari. A font with curves that interestingly are also representative of the different shapes of the bellies of pregnant women.

However, there’s one irony. Devanagari means the land of the male Gods. We want to retain the font, but change its name to become a typeface that is both, a symbol and a driver of actual change.


Manvir Kaur Mahidwan (Art Director)