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Call Of Duty Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone is in a battle to win people's time. As binge watching movies and shows has become people's favourite pastime, we discovered that everything they binge has action in it. We decided to attack this because Warzone is a place where action is created every second and also found an ally in Amazon Prime Video to execute this. 

Presenting Operation Primezone, a space that turns people's Warzone gameplay into action screenplay for movies and shows. It doesn't matter if one is a gamer or not, all people have to do is express themselves in Warzone. For example, submit a cool kill and find it actually being choreographed in Jack Ryan Season  3. Or crack a hilarious joke on voice chat over and hear it on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's new season, people can be as creative as they want. The best part, Prime Video will credit the player in the show or movie.

With Operation Primezone, it does not only become about winning a 30 min battle Royale. People can just come play for 5-10 mins and get a chance to co-create their favourite show or movie with Call of Duty Warzone and Prime Video.


Manvir Kaur Mahidwan (Art Director)

Abhishek Rasane (Copywriter)

Rutuja Dahidawker (Art Director)

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